Restaurant Décor Ideas & Menu for Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day in Dubai City, UAE

One of the most awaited holidays that people of all ages longed for anxiously round the year is Valentine’s Day. The message of this particular event is to spread love, live in peace and harmony. This is the reason you’ll observe some of the best restaurants in Dubai are decorated with vibrant colors and stylish decors to indulge people while they’re enjoying the meal. However, happy couple makes the most of this day as cinemas, amusement parks and other recreational places are all piled up.

Restaurants and outdoor eating points attract a large crowd all day long hence it’s crucial to arrange a generic theme relevant to the event. Decorating romantic restaurants in Dubai isn’t difficult as being a manager; you’ll easily find the best products with suitable colors in market so get ready for some of the best ideas ever.

La Serre Bistro & Boulangerie UAE

The Theme of Love & Peace

The decoration not only covers the interior and exterior but even the menu craft should portray something special. Heart shaped products are commonly observed as far as the eye can see on Valentine’s Day because there’s nothing much better to express love. Start by covering the table with either white or elegant red sheet; put a vase in the center having some fresh roses. If real roses are hard to find, get some synthetic flowers and spray scent over them.

Craft the menu cards in heart shape to make them blend with the theme. Place pink napkins instead of traditional white colored one’s and fold them in a fluffy heart for a more splendid look. Staff dressing should also match the event hence, a combination of white with red, pink and a bit of gold is sure to make you look more dazzling. Lean the shades and light the area with candles for a more grandeur look, which is only offered by La Serre Bistro & Boulangerie Dubai.

Valentines Day Celebration in Dubai city, UAE

Time to Eat

Once done with the décor comes the real part; deciding the menu. There’s a possibility that the entire menu is same however, presentation must be something atypical. Start your meal with a mini pizza as an appetizer that’s shaped like a heart or Brie mixed with lettuce. The main course includes ravioli that’s especially made in heart shape, topped with thin sauce.

A fine alternative would be a filled up hot or cold sandwich served with luscious brownies or a chocolate cake as a sweet dish. Doll up the center of entire dessert with rich cream or ice-cream. Salmon mousse topped with tomatoes is another choice available in most of  the best cafe in Dubai.

Valentines Day Desserts in Dubai, UAE

The Shade of Red

Red is an ideal color which is most preferred on Valentine’s Day hence try to prepare food having the similar shade. Most food items comes out red after cooking however in case it isn’t so, put a teeny weensy amount of food color. Red peppers accounts for preparing a terrific soup along with a layer of cream.

A simple solution is to serve tomato soup which is naturally red in color. Cranberry juice or pure strawberry shake is ideal for a perfect drink and a smoothie. Dip some strawberries and serve chilled.

After reading the above article, you’ll have a clear understanding on how to decorate and decide menu for Valentine’s Day. Follow the style and witness the plethora of happy couples you’ll receive the day in your restaurant.


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