A Complete Insight on Yacht Racing

If there’s anything more exciting than to surf on uncharted waters, challenging the waves as they cascade around you is via yacht racing. The grand event of yachting is held once or twice in a year around many different countries in which participants from all round the world come representing their motherland. It’s a renowned water sporting activity having sailboats reserved for the purpose of racing.

Many years back when the concept of yacht evolved, such boats were owned by Dutch navy to hold off pirates and trespassers. Today, yacht sailing in Dubai is celebrated in remembrance of that ancient time where every contestant thinks of himself as a brave sailor.

Dubai Yacht Charter

How it All Began?

Yacht racing started around somewhere in the 17th century from Netherland. It was so much appreciated that the trend soon followed to England where enthusiastic participants establishes the “Royal Yacht Squadron” in 1815. All time infamous yacht competition between Katherine and Anne, which are actually the name of boats, was held in 1661. Another prominent vessel, The King Lost, belonged to Charles II, ruler of England. And soon it spread all across Europe, then Middle East, UAE and round the world.

Royal Yacht Squadron

Boat & Measuring System Design

For every sport, there’s a certain criterion to depict the final verdict along with a system to measure scores and rating. Same goes for yachting however, the size of cruiser matters most as it affects the speed and steer of the craft. To win the contest, a certain starting and finishing line is laid out which the racers must reach in a specific time frame in order to win the game. Many luxury Dubai yachts charter, hire and rental service providers in UAE say that longer boats are much faster due to powerful engines as compared to the shorter ones still, maneuvering capability of smaller ships is far better.

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Rating of a yacht is done by statistical inference that requires a specific formulae and calculation. Four factors that affect the overall computation are sail area, length of the ship, displacement and hull shape of the vehicle itself. “Performance Handicap Racing Fleet” or simply PHRF system is adapted to check the performance characteristics of the boat.

But with time, other rating and scoring systems were evolved among which most popular are ORC, ORR, IRC and PHRF. The modern time yacht racing is held as per the “Racing Rules of Sailing”, adapted from 1928. Duty to amend the rules for more betterment falls on International Sailing Federation which sees to it that the policies should be amended after every four years.

Sailing Yacht Dubai

Classes of Race

There are four sub categories of boat cruise hire and rental in Dubai depending on handling function and control system of the vehicle that intervene with the actual racing competition. These are offshore, oceans classic, grand world races and Inshore. Each differs from another as per destination, type of vessels, timing and of course, country origin.

You should carefully read all the details provided here if you’ve the flair to yacht racing. Believe it or not, there’s nothing more fun than yachting.


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