The High Steaks! What You’re Doing Wrong When Grilling Them?


Resisting a tender, juicy looking beef steak with grilled aroma, topped with spices and sliced lemon is nearly impossible. Grilling a steak yourself may seem simple however people often overlook many vital facts which ruin the taste and enthusiasm to cook better. If you’ve been eating steaks from a finest restaurant so far costing hundreds of bucks and struggling to prepare them at home, here are a few noteworthy tips. Simply read, comply and see what you’ve been doing wrong when grilling.

Slender Pieces Aren’t Good!

Thin steak pieces that are approximately one inch thick aren’t suitable to cook on high heat or outdoor grilling equipment. This is because they’ll dry and burn pretty quick rather than achieving sear marks. Buy pieces that are at-least 1 ½ to 2 inch thick for maximum result! Lest you’re left with no other choice but a slim steak, grill them straight from the refrigerator on slow heat to cook well.

Smoldered Spice is a bad Choice!

Burned spices do taste good with particular recipes however not with steaks especially if you’re planning to put them on menu for best lunch in Dubai. High temperature would probably char all tasty spices including ground black pepper which is known as a taste catalyst. What you can do is pre-cook several spices separately and sprinkle when steak is ready to be served. Doing so would give the meat a wonderful tang, you’ll definitely find it enticing. No time to cook discretely, simply pour some over the steak and apply a layer of butter to prevent burning.


Skipping Salt? That’s Silly!

A common myth; salting a steak would dry the meat even before grilling which isn’t true at all. It would probably take days and several cups of salt for such a reaction so never skip the process. When salt interacts with proteins and sugars found in meat, combine result enhance flavor while tenderize the entire process. Apply fine quality salt with large crystals such as kosher or pure sea extracts; marinate both sides of the meat almost 24 hours prior grilling. Café and bars serving steaks follow similar procedure!

Grilling Damp Meat is Unwise!

Placing wet meat directly over hot grates would make a steamed steak and you won’t even get that appealing golden-brown hue! Moisture over damp meat will start cooking it instantly so you won’t get that true steak look. When taking it out of packet from refrigerator, wipe with a clean towel or leave it on room temperature for a few minutes before cooking.

Don’t Use Excess Oil

Coating grates with oil before cooking and pouring extra over the steak would make it highly greasy which is poison for your health. If the grill heat is 450 degree Fahrenheit, oil would evaporate releasing condense smoke cloud. Simply brush it lightly on the salted surface and place evenly over the equipment. Turn over when it starts getting golden-brown.


Untidy Grill: The Biggest Setback

Either you’re out for a lunch or dinner in any of  the best restaurants in Dubai or simply planning to cook big chunk of steak at home, ensure cooking grill is clean. Leftover food debris, juices, spices and oil can seriously spill the entire flavor. Rinse the grill with soap and vinegar mixture for spotless cleaning.


Above are some common mistakes everyone does involuntary while grilling a steak. Read carefully and avoid them to give your taste buds a burst of spicy grilled meat.


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