Five Great Ideas for a Brunch Bingo!

Brunch is usually a meal between breakfast and lunch having a light yet healthy menu. Whether hosting a birthday or ultimate family weekend, brunch ideas may include fresh fruits and customizable foods with sweet and savoury taste to strike a balance. However, arrangements are usually made when a large gathering is expected means it’s a bit overwhelming for host preparing multiple dishes. With just the right menu and decorations, you may have the best feast ever; details are highlighted below.

1. Omelette with Complimentary Goods

An afternoon feast without omelette is unthinkable so it should be the first item in menu. You can easily include several ingredients such as green chillies, onions, cheese, black pepper, tomato or any other seasoning to give it a remarkable taste and customizing. They’re easily prepared within 30 minutes so think of all the time you save for other dishes and chores.

Lest it’s a special occasion such as birthday, anniversary or Christmas, might hire services of a professional chef for main course. Don’t forget to include complimentary dishes like fresh fruit salads or punches, mini croissants and French toasts. You can also arrange the bash at some of the best restaurants in Dubai, leaving all the hustle to them.

2. Simply Love Pancakes & Waffles

Pancakes and waffles are for a super breakfast but they also make the best brunch menu. Improvise the batter with chocolate or caramel chips, pour melted chocolate or butter over waffles and serve hot. If you’re a fruit lover, chop down some fresh strawberries and blueberries, whip butter, honey, cinnamon and almond extract for delightful pancakes you will love to sink your teeth in.

That’s not all, what if you are expecting a bunch of individuals who adore fruits and nuts combo on a pancake or waffle! No problem, take whatever dry fruits are in season, chop some apples and pears, whip cream and drop it hot over precooked waffles. Why not be a little informal and let the guests make their own filling which you can also try for a change!

3. Go Continental!

For a large crowd like bridal or bachelorette lunch who come along to your place with their appetites, continental menu is a simple and tasty solution. Get a bag full of ready-to-cook foods or instant recipes to wow guests while you find time with party decorations. A bowl of fruit salad including melon balls, strawberries, raspberries and sugar mint dressing makes a light and healthy combination. Butter or chocolate chip croissants and muffins with juice or coffee beverage are quite indulging which people mostly found at the best cafe and bars in Dubai.

4. One-Dish Party

One-dish parties are easy plus economical for both guests and hosts while each gets a chance to taste several items. Come up with a broccoli, pumpkin or squash casserole for savoury choice. A mixture of eggs, cheese and potatoes is superb which you can spread over toasted breads or stir fry for quick croquettes. Chop some tomatoes with sausage, spread chilli sauce or salsa over buns and here you go with easy burritos. Offer fruit juices, shakes, coffee or herbal tea to complete the menu.

5. Smoke it up!

Smoked foods such as shashlik sticks, crunchy vegetables, tuna and even bacon with a charcoal aroma is sure to get your mouth water. Not only it makes the best brunch but also go with a romantic dinner in Dubai!

These are a few out of many brunch goods to make it a terrific fest. Chow down!


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