Do you Know Everything about Wristwatches?

Wristwatch is an integral part of a man’s personality that depicts more than his looks and actions. Upon a glance, one can perceive into a person’s background to a specific extent without asking any question. That’s the reason why men are obsessed and choosy about their wristwatches. Each person is different; one may wear a wristwatch just for the sake of time telling, others prefer economical wear and there are those who can’t be seen without luxury.

Over 50 percent watch buyers cater class over other aspects and don’t prefer a brand below Rolex or Patek Philippe. Each of us understands basic concept of a watch that revolves around time, movement and battery functions so on. Digging deeper will give you more than a bird’s eye view, revealing differences between timepieces. Understanding these intricacies won’t just facilitate in buying but may even prevent overspending. Be a well informed consumer by reading further!

Is Rolex Worth Inflated Cost?

It depends on buyers and how much luxury they can afford but a few bluntly say “No”. Rolex overprice its timepieces by limiting annual supply to some of its collection, resulting in scarcity. The brand also exerts full control over authorized dealers to regulate high cost. If a dealer sells at discount, he’s likely to have the contract annulled immediately. Getting original Rolex at a discount is nearly impossible hence buy on premium price, you’ve no other choice! That’s why watch experts suggest buying a much high calibre mechanical watch of a different brand as Rolex’s over same price.

Another factor is confidence in the brand that Rolex won’t compromise on quality and craftsmanship hence premium price is expected. The high prices results in higher returns as well and you simply couldn’t underestimate “status” value of Rolex. If you crave luxury at an economical cost, Swatch watches are a perfect alternative for Rolex bearing many different colours and designs for all customers.

Difference between “Chronometer” & “Chronograph”

A watch with highest standard of accuracy is referred to as “chronometer”. This precision is achieved due to unsurpassed automatic and mechanical watches, not quartz. Such timepieces pass through rigorous testing on demand of Swiss Official Chronometer Control (SOCC). Mechanical movement is close to or entirely perfect hence displayed time is always accurate. Testing phase continues for 15 days where a watch is exposed to different temperatures, positions and dunk underwater.

Chronograph” is an entirely different aspect; it’s usually a watch with stopwatch facilities. It displays different mechanisms for time measurement sometimes referred to as counters. These counters register seconds, minutes and hours giving owner the ability to track anything he wishes.

What’s With the Serial Numbers? Are They Important?

Indication of whether a watch is genuine or fake comes from a serial number. Almost all luxury watches have a particular number allotted by authorized dealers via database accessibility, listing entire collection. When buying an expensive product like a watch for instance, ensure it’s not counterfeited.

Is Your Watch Scratch Resistant?

Cover or crystal of a watch face is designed to protect the dial. There are three types of crystals namely;

  1. Acrylic crystal is a cheap plastic that don’t prevent scratches but at-least buff them out.
  2. Mineral crystal is a glass composing several elements that’s actually scratch resistance (seven times stronger than acrylic).
  3. Sapphire is strongest of them all being shatterproof, scratch resistant, anti-glare and a primary aspect of premium watches.

These are a few out of many wristwatch facts you probably didn’t know about.


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