Storage alternatives for your contact lens

Being new to wearing contact lens, you’re probably looking for the best storage methods. As long as they remain clean and disinfected, choosing storage means is entirely a personal decision. And besides, you may need an eccentric technique to keep lenses next day use.

Treated solution

Special solutions are available at opticians or at any drug store in which you can safely put contacts. When buying, ask for multi-purpose treated solution that also acts as a cleanser. All you need is to rub it gently on the lens with finger tips or simply soak them entirely. Instead of a separate cleanser that usually comes in small bottle, you can store contacts in saline solution that’s comparatively cheaper and versatile.

Hydrogen peroxide solution is another alternative but you should use it with a neutralising disc or tablet. In-case of tablet, it’ll bubble overnight or for a few hours after which the contacts are safe to use. While taking them out of the solutions too early, they’ll sting your eyes and damaging with prolonged exposure.


Lens storage cases are readily available in market. The inside compartment is drenched with cleansing solution in which you need to store them but do pay special attention to directional inscriptions such as “R for Right” and “L for Left”. Specialised hydrogen peroxide and neutraliser cases are also available being perfect disinfectants. Thoroughly wash the case with hot water before using it.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine

Ultrasonic lens cleaners provide an excellent solution. All you need is to place contact lenses in the small compartment, add solution and turn “ON” the machine. Ultrasonic waves create millions of micro-bubbles that eventually disinfect and clean the lens for good. The machine cleans in more or less two minutes rather than eight hours as with traditional cleaning.

On-the-go alternatives

If you’re spending the night somewhere else, storing the contacts in water isn’t the best solution as tap or bottled water contain micro-organism that eventually deteriorate vision. Make sure the water is treated; means 100 percent clean or buy a saline solution readily available at any convenience store.

Above are a few storage solutions to your eye lenses that’ll keep them safe and cleaned!



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