Four ways to fun shopping with children

Shopping with smaller children is quite a hassle as they get bored easily. What’s more embarrassing is when they express themselves weirdly at marketplace but there’re times when you’ve no choice but taking kids along. It’ll take time but you may spare extra 15 to 20 minutes for additional shopping or review your cart without rush.

  1. Scavenger hunt

Turn your shopping trip into fun-fill scavenger hunt. Make a list of required items and share it with your children. Constitute a plan of action such as where to go shopping per the goods required and drive. Make it a time-based target like you’ll do the shopping in an hour depending on goods and distance from your home to the store.

  1. Prepare shopping list

Let your kids help you in preparing the shopping list. Include one or two of their favourite items for motivation but before you start, look through the kitchen, bathroom and other areas of the home for goods you need to buy. Treat the children as assistants for it’ll develop a sense of responsibility and allow them to find items while shopping.

  1. Design reusable shopping bags

Pick up some crayons, colours and allow the kids to design reusable shopping bags. This is enough to motivate them for shopping and it’s more fun if you’re heading to the wonderful shopping festival in Dubai. Though you don’t need to bring the bags here, there’s always an exception with kids.

  1. “Save some money” game

The art of “shopping” is to buy best goods below market price. If your children are good at math or love brainy challenge, turn the shopping trip into a money-saving game. Whenever they stumble upon a product, ask them to compare price with other brands without compromising on quality. Note down the total cost and what you saved at the store. Utilise this extra money into something valuable for your family or simply donate them to the needy. Teach your children the value of money and how to spend them wisely and that’s how you can make them “smart shoppers”.

Now if you’re shopping with kids, make it fun by following the above tips.


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