Benefits of buying luxury watches from authorized dealers

When it comes to buying functional devices like clocks, computers and mobile phones, an average buyer is always seeking for discount deals. Despite being customer’s right, discounted prices are not always good. More precisely, when a vendor is offering unbelievable discounts as compared to market, he must be selling a fake product or probably he is not certified to trade that product. Perhaps warranties are missing that might lead you to spend more on repair and maintenance in case of wear and tear. Being a buyer, it’s your responsibility to purchase such items from authorized dealers to best use your money. Specifically, if you are planning to buy a high end timepiece, buying with official retailer offers you several benefits.

Following are a few major benefits, a buyer can enjoy after choosing an authorized retailer of luxury watches.

Prolonged warranties

Generally, timepieces are sold with basic warranty that ranges from one to three years. It is possible to expand this duration to five years, if the device is purchased from a branded boutique or accredited dealer. Commonly, guarantees provide coverage free repair services for major defects in movement. However, in extremely worst cases, replacement is also possible as long as you have purchased it from registered trader.

Privilege to buy first

Probably you are a big fan of Swiss watches who always loves buying limited edition pieces and newly launched designs. Working with a legitimate seller will give you the privilege to become exclusive user. New designs are mostly introduced in brand outlets first, later they are distributed to retailers selling multiple brands.

Buy a high-class product or special edition

Although, genuine timepieces can be bought from an apparel and accessory shop or a clock retailer dealing with numerous brands, if you want to shop exclusive product range, only a brand boutique and an endorsed dealer of specific brand can offer a complete range of products from the regular range to limited edition watches. It does not mean approved wholesalers only sell expensive items, you can even find less complete range of the less expensive pieces at their outlets.

Probably you will not get huge discounts on purchasing your favorite wristwatch from an official dealer, they ensure to deliver genuine products with good warranties.


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