Five most important recruitment factors

The overruling crucial factor in recruitment is hiring competitive employees that actually stick around. Hiring best fit employees eventually leads to improved performance and retention! Though certain technical factors are important for particular jobs, general features such as matched abilities, best cultural fit and interest level applies to almost every other employment.

  1. Common/general recruitment

Organisations always hunt for skilled and dexterous employees who would produce best results in a given designation. This calls for thorough and strategic planning including job analysis so that recruiter knows what you should look for. Replacing bad hires is costly while they may seriously disrupt your company’s market image. General recruitment tools are job fairs, classified ads and open interviews while top hires come via social connection or simply identify most successful employee within a company.

  1. Must have skills

To determine and match employee skills, interests and cultural values to your organisation and job requisites is equally significant. Ignorance may lead to employee dissatisfaction and employer’s disappointment that may eventually result in turnover. Apparently if an employee isn’t performing well, he’s only costing a company valuable time and cost. That’s the reason managers along with recruiting staff should consider technical and soft skills.

Set a benchmark to test them thus ensuring you get the right fit for your firm. While technical skills help determine employee competence, soft skills are transferable such as integrity, communication, social interaction and responsibility that are prioritised in most jobs. Misalignment or ignorance over abilities means you may end hiring uncompetitive workforce; a waste of time and cost.

  1. Social & cultural fit

Cultural fit is another important prospect for both company and employee. Every organisation has distinct cultures driven by shared values and common methods of managing operations. Recruiters usually hide value based conflicts from workers, doing so only delays their ability to discover the right candidate and increase probability of wasted resources in hiring someone who’ll not turn out. Sincerity and disclosure ensure both sides are balanced from cultural perspectives. Both employees and employers should be socially active as well for being timid only increases communication gap that may eventually raise pessimistic workplace situation.

  1. Harmonised interests

Employee interest in a particular organisation is most important for maximum satisfaction and less turnover. It’s quite similar to selling, you’ve to be manipulative rather than persuade someone to work because this would only reduce productivity and workplace comfort. Dissatisfied employers pose quite a threat to an organisation more than competitors as they coerce negative influence on all around them.

  1. To be a technical recruiter

Technical recruiters tend to have good grasp over practical and industrial knowledge required for a specific field. They can easily eye and hire workers within respective technical field. IT contract staffing is often performed by technical recruiters.

  • Pursue for technical education such as degree in computer science, information technology are quite beneficial.
  • Understand the process for typical day in technical recruiter’s life would involve searching for qualified candidates for available vacancy. Search procedure involves looking on online job portals, newspaper classified and even social site such as LinkedIn that’s one of the most credible recruitment tools nowadays.
  • Determine the types of jobs available as technical recruiters can work as part of HR team or as freelancers. That’s an option only suitable for highly experienced technical recruiters who already have a good reputation and this can rely on hiring skilled personnel.
  • Technical recruiters’ careers are coupled with economic conditions. As company grow, so does career prospects of technical recruiters. Similarly during tough times, technical staff is the first to leave an organisation.

Now that we know some of the most important recruitment factors, hiring competitive workforce won’t be a hassle.

This post has been published on behalf of “Ultimate HR Solutions”, one of the top recruitment agencies of Dubai.


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