How to clean your oven with baking soda in 13 easy steps



Cleaning” isn’t difficult or tedious unless you aren’t doing it the right way. You always have a choice of making it tough or easy with simple tricks. Of all the cleaning chores, a blackened oven is toughest because of the carbon residue that adheres firmly over the sides and everywhere inside the contraption. Here’re a few steps to take hard-stuck carbon off your oven.

  1. Get an empty water spray bottle and baking soda because it’s a natural cleaner and cheap if you buy in bulk. Mix around three tablespoons in one litre water and make sure the spray bottle is empty before you prepare the solution.
  2. Now spray the solution all over the carbon deposit and repeat the process almost two times in a day. Make sure the contraption is cold or else the baking soda and water mixture would spread around the place and you’ll end up cleaning the entire kitchen.
  3. Continue to use your oven in a normal way but don’t forget to spray wet baking soda on the top and interior sidewalls in between meals. The solution would eventually break the carbon sediment but make sure that you don’t heat it up for least an hour after spraying.
  4. The charred residue will be mushy enough to remove easily with a wipe or any scraping utensil but don’t work hard with pointy stuff or you might damage the oven.
  5. Remember, you’ll have to wipe down the entire thing thoroughly, gently and patiently for best results. Baking soda and carbon will settle at the bottom of the oven that can be easily removed with a damp cloth.
  6. Spraying the solution must be done multiple times but wiping with a damp cloth is a single-time chore. Let the baking soda accumulate so that it can get the job done in a perfect way. Try not to clean the oven hastily for it might take off the carbon but not the baking soda.
  7. You can also follow this technique on carbon that sticks over casserole dishes because baking soda is regarded as a commercial cleaning product.
  8. Be extra careful and thorough as you work your way through double-pane glass for the baking soda can accumulate in between the glass door. The only way is simply to prevent it from penetrating in the door pane.
  9. Look for vents or holes on top of the oven door that allow air to escape through the panel’s interior as it heats up. Unfortunately, spraying baking soda into the vents settles baking soda between the glass door oven layers.
  10. Always clean oven door in the horizontal position and this is possible when the oven door is open all the way out. If you’re doing it the other way, cleaning the wet baking soda would be difficult or entirely impossible.
  11. Baking soda is also an effective oven door spot remover. You can spray the solution on the entire door with carbon and other such spots. While cleaning, don’t touch the surface with bare fingers; in-fact, you should always wear latex gloves to protect your hands as well.
  12. Use a non-abrasive towel or cloth while wiping to protect surface from scratch. Besides baking soda, laundry detergent also works but keep it as an alternative.
  13. Be careful not to wet the paste excessively or it’ll run down without sticking over the carbon deposit.

Oven cleaning is tough indeed but if you follow the above steps, it’ll be done by end of the day leaving your oven with a new shine.


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