How to spruce-up your apartment before sell


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Selling a home is entirely a nerve-wrecking experience. What if you’ve listed the property about a month ago and still got no progress. The continuous economic shifts raise further challenges for it affects property cost. If you’re looking forward to make an impact on market while selling your apartment, take preliminary step to avoid last minute rush and hassle. Check out the details below!

Ask yourself

Inspect your apartment thoroughly and compare it with your neighbours. If it makes you feel a bit ashamed, you’ll eventually fail to impress potential buyers as well. Ask yourself a few questions such as;

  • When was the last time you cleaned the space thoroughly?
  • Do the window frames and interior needs fresh splash of paint?
  • Is everything’s in its place means is your apartment uncluttered?
  • How buyers feel when they step in? Is it embarrassing or praiseworthy?
  • Are you having an overgrown plant in the balcony?

Answer the questions and you’ll definitely come-up with a positive solution; probably the first step in preparing your home for sell.


Selling a home means you should prepare it as per buyers liking. It comes down to depersonalising the entire place starting from huge family photos hanging in the lounge, bedroom and probably everywhere. Stash the clothes and shoes in the closet, books at the bookshelf, CDs in the CD bag or rack and especially, untangle that web of wires in your room that connects television, computer and everything else. Most importantly, keep personal belongings at a safe place because there’s always an element of ambiguity with each buyer. In-short, don’t let anything clutter that vision!


Image Sourtesy:hgtvhome.sndimg

Clean like never before

Selling or renting out a home means this isn’t the time for dust, dirt and grime to accumulate your living space. From top to bottom; everything should be spotless such as bathroom, windows and doors, attic to basement, kitchen, living and dining room so on. If you can afford, call in professional cleaning crew as they’ll do the entire work in half the time with perfection. Polish wood and marble surface as well as electronic appliances. Dust, mop, wash, paint and polish; make it your motto but don’t overspend on them!

Control your pets & foul odours

The only thing worse is buyers greeted at the door by your pet or any foul odour! Although keeping a pet in apartment building is prohibited under various state laws, it’s possible you’ve small ones such as parrots, lovebirds or maybe a kitten but they shouldn’t interfere when you’re busy displaying the home. Keep them somewhere safe and quiet until the potential buyers are done with inspection. Book them at the nearest pet shop and make sure there isn’t any per dander over carpet, sofa or bed.

Pet aside, carefully see if there’s any unpleasant smell, surfacing from bathroom, balcony, kitchen or any other corner! Spray some air-freshener after cleaning the interior thoroughly, light up scented candles or sage for a fresh feel.

No matter the economic or real estate condition, a well-maintained home is likely to sell on profit or the least within market price. This calls for repair, restore and revamp the entire place. With this, you’re ready to put your apartment for sale in Mount Lebanon شقق للبيع في جبل لبنان. Good Luck!


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