How to get rid of coffee stains in six easy steps?

“There’s no need to buy harsh chemical cleaners for post-spill mess as coffee stain removal tricks here will do the job just fine”

Coffee stains leave behind a brown spot which is sometimes sticky wherever you spilt it accidentally. While cleaning is always possible, a simple task may turn entirely hectic if you’ve left the stain to dry. Old and permanently set coffee spots alter the fabric’s appearance for good; whether it is clothes we wear, upholstery, carpet or any other surface.

You can easily treat the spots with supplies present right in your home as natural cleaning tricks are effective and pocket-friendly. No need to pull your hair if you’ve managed a coffee stain as it can happen when you’re expecting least. Let’s see how you can rid them for good so you can get back to your life.

  1. Club soda

Managing coffee stain outdoor can really pull the plug but if you’ve club soda anywhere nearby, pour it on the spot and blot gently till the mark is lifted completely. This is an excellent trick if the spill is on carpet or tablecloth. But be careful or you may further set it permanently.

  1. Beer

If you think that getting the caffeine mark off the carpet is impossible, try pouring a little bit of beer right on top and see the result. Rub the beer lightly on the spot till you see it disappearing gradually. Repeat the process to make sure all traces of coffee spots are removed.

  1. White vinegar

White vinegar is an excellent cleaning agent due to the presence of citric acid. You can easily lift water-soluble stains with the product collected from beer, fruit juices, tea, black coffee or any other liquid. Simply moisten a cotton cloth or tablecloth with vinegar and dab gently on the spot till it’s extracted. Wash the item normally with lukewarm water however for large stains; pre-soak the garment overnight in three-part vinegar and one part water solution.

  1. Baby wipes

Baby wipes aren’t just to clean the baby’s drool but blot coffee stains as if they weren’t there at all. Not only it can absorb the liquid but stain as well so always keep a bag at home even if there aren’t any toddlers at your place. These are effective on upholstered furniture and usual clothing.

  1. Baking soda

Dried coffee spots on fine china kitchen collection are enough to give you a headache. No need to fret as all you need is to dip a moist cloth in baking soda, rub the kitchenware and allow them to air dry. You can wipe floors following the same technique and see the astonishing results!

  1. Egg yolk

You’ll be surprised but egg yolk is an excellent remover of spots especially those of tea or coffee. Beat an egg yolk and work on the stain with a towel for a minute or two. Wash thoroughly with water and the stain will disappear gradually.


The above steps are a perfect answer to one question that is; how to remove coffee stains.


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