Effective tips to sparkle your bathroom tiles

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A neat and clean bathroom is a sign of healthy living and to maintain a quality living. Not just that, a sparkly and well designed bathroom can boost your home value! Application of tiles is a common yet economic practice while it eventually makes your bathroom durable and easy to clean. Regular maintenance and cleaning is a must or else soap deposits and grout stains would give way for mould and mildew.

Tidying up a bathroom is something that ranks lowest in the list but requires regular cleaning. All the mould, mildew, rust, lime and soap scum might turn a simple cleaning chore into a crusade. Only with the right products and some dedication can you bring back the original lustre and freshness to bathroom or any other corner of your home. Though requires a bit of elbow grease, follow the tips to a clean and disinfected bathroom.

General tiles

  1. Depends on severity of mould and dirt, you may simply start spraying a concentrated cleaning solution and rub with a scrub sponge. Rinse gently and work your way from top to bottom.
  2. Thoroughly scrub the entire area and keep your focus on tile surface without moving to the grout yet. Scrub in circular motion and sequentially because rough movement may damage tile surface! While cleaning the edges, rub in straight lines, back and forth. Wash with warm water in the end for spotless result.
  3. If sediments are still clouding the surface, assume that it’s from hard water, iron component or soap remnant. High presence of iron in water would leave brown or rusty stain whereas hard water would leave green and sludgy blots.
  4. Spray some white vinegar and start rubbing gently. Being concentrated, always wear gloves for direct exposure to skin may prove drastic. A variety of bathroom cleaners are available with separate tile cleaning solutions. Each contains acid so you shouldn’t leave them on floor or tile for long. Meanwhile acid also corrode plumbing fixtures which definitely means you keep them rinsed.
  5. Clean the grout as well if they’re stained. If your grout shade is white, throw some diluted liquid bleach and let it stand for about 10 minutes before rinsing. For coloured grout, make a solution of baking soda and water, scrub in a circular motion. Try using a commercial grout and apply as per directions.

Shower wall tile

  1. Gently wipe entire shower walls after every bath as a rule of daily maintenance. Standing water is the primary cause of mould and mildew.
  2. Pour a standard quality toilet bowl cleaner; apply some on the walls and on tub as well. For best results, do this daily while gel-type cleaner works just a good. After application, leave it for almost 15 minutes, scrub with a long-handled brush for its acidic in nature. Rinse with hot water after scrubbing and your toilet would be fresh.
  3. Purchase rust cleaner, readily available wherever household products are sold.
  4. For a homemade cleaning solution, mix ½ cup of baking soda, 1/3 cup of ammonia, ¼ of white vinegar with six cups of water. Apply the solution to tiles and leave it for 15 minutes to remove soap deposits and yellow stains. Rinse afterwards.
  5. Car wax can be used to wax shower tiles but only once or twice a year for added protection and gloss. Don’t assume it as a common bathroom cleaning solution or you’ll end up ruining the tiles and almost entire bathroom surface.


As bathroom is one of the most used corners of a home after kitchen, its daily maintenance and cleaning is also necessary.


Benefits of buying luxury watches from authorized dealers

When it comes to buying functional devices like clocks, computers and mobile phones, an average buyer is always seeking for discount deals. Despite being customer’s right, discounted prices are not always good. More precisely, when a vendor is offering unbelievable discounts as compared to market, he must be selling a fake product or probably he is not certified to trade that product. Perhaps warranties are missing that might lead you to spend more on repair and maintenance in case of wear and tear. Being a buyer, it’s your responsibility to purchase such items from authorized dealers to best use your money. Specifically, if you are planning to buy a high end timepiece, buying with official retailer offers you several benefits.

Following are a few major benefits, a buyer can enjoy after choosing an authorized retailer of luxury watches.

Prolonged warranties

Generally, timepieces are sold with basic warranty that ranges from one to three years. It is possible to expand this duration to five years, if the device is purchased from a branded boutique or accredited dealer. Commonly, guarantees provide coverage free repair services for major defects in movement. However, in extremely worst cases, replacement is also possible as long as you have purchased it from registered trader.

Privilege to buy first

Probably you are a big fan of Swiss watches who always loves buying limited edition pieces and newly launched designs. Working with a legitimate seller will give you the privilege to become exclusive user. New designs are mostly introduced in brand outlets first, later they are distributed to retailers selling multiple brands.

Buy a high-class product or special edition

Although, genuine timepieces can be bought from an apparel and accessory shop or a clock retailer dealing with numerous brands, if you want to shop exclusive product range, only a brand boutique and an endorsed dealer of specific brand can offer a complete range of products from the regular range to limited edition watches. It does not mean approved wholesalers only sell expensive items, you can even find less complete range of the less expensive pieces at their outlets.

Probably you will not get huge discounts on purchasing your favorite wristwatch from an official dealer, they ensure to deliver genuine products with good warranties.

How a website can benefit hotel business?

During this digital era of internet and digital media, printing brochures and advertisements in newspapers and business directories is not enough to gain more customers. Irrespective of the nature of business, every entrepreneur, whether being a huge corporate or a small startup, possessing a website has become a necessity. The internet has greatly diversified our lifestyle preferences. Whether we need to buy a new cell phone or we are seeking for discounted deals to book a room abroad for next holiday break, we initiate our searches online.

Probably, you have just step-down in the business and inaugurated a decent sized guesthouse in the neigbourhood that already houses several giant brands. You might find it difficult to compete with them, as they have already established their reputation. A website can help you in this regard.

Here I am sharing few key benefits of branding hotel with a website.

  1. A properly designed site with customized features can efficiently display essential information about your inn. You can compile everything, every feature on your site with pictures to attract customers across the world. If you have any special discount offers don’t forget to update on your site, as it can drag more customers to think about contacting with you.
  1. Generally, sites offering short term rental options also contain an online reservation form, which is very beneficial. It promotes customers to generate inquiries as soon as they start navigating your site. As site owners don’t ask them to pay anything unless they check in, give them more freedom. It has observed that customers always prefer to work with traders who don’t enforce things, rather offer flexibility and freedom.
  1. In order to generate revenue with your site, beautiful design and attractive photos are not enough. You have to follow a proper strategy to make it user friendly and navigable. Analyze the market to know, how travelers proceed to book a room, what features or service can provoke them to take a decision.
  1. A well designed site that is designed after utilizing industry best practices and the latest technology can help you to brand your hotel on international levels. You can further benefit your site after adding useful information about the neighbourhood offerings, such as entertainment spots, shopping centers and commercial centers to guide everyone from holiday maker to business travelers.

Website has become a powerful branding tool for any business owner. Having been a hub city, hotel website design in Dubai is critically important for every resort or hotel owner.

Four ways to fun shopping with children

Shopping with smaller children is quite a hassle as they get bored easily. What’s more embarrassing is when they express themselves weirdly at marketplace but there’re times when you’ve no choice but taking kids along. It’ll take time but you may spare extra 15 to 20 minutes for additional shopping or review your cart without rush.

  1. Scavenger hunt

Turn your shopping trip into fun-fill scavenger hunt. Make a list of required items and share it with your children. Constitute a plan of action such as where to go shopping per the goods required and drive. Make it a time-based target like you’ll do the shopping in an hour depending on goods and distance from your home to the store.

  1. Prepare shopping list

Let your kids help you in preparing the shopping list. Include one or two of their favourite items for motivation but before you start, look through the kitchen, bathroom and other areas of the home for goods you need to buy. Treat the children as assistants for it’ll develop a sense of responsibility and allow them to find items while shopping.

  1. Design reusable shopping bags

Pick up some crayons, colours and allow the kids to design reusable shopping bags. This is enough to motivate them for shopping and it’s more fun if you’re heading to the wonderful shopping festival in Dubai. Though you don’t need to bring the bags here, there’s always an exception with kids.

  1. “Save some money” game

The art of “shopping” is to buy best goods below market price. If your children are good at math or love brainy challenge, turn the shopping trip into a money-saving game. Whenever they stumble upon a product, ask them to compare price with other brands without compromising on quality. Note down the total cost and what you saved at the store. Utilise this extra money into something valuable for your family or simply donate them to the needy. Teach your children the value of money and how to spend them wisely and that’s how you can make them “smart shoppers”.

Now if you’re shopping with kids, make it fun by following the above tips.

Couple watches-a perfect anniversary

We have been receiving and giving gifts since our childhood. Everyone must have bought gifts for family, friends and colleagues. But when it comes to present a gift to the couple, you probably find yourself in trouble. As you are dealing with two different people belong to different genders. It’s obvious their personalities not only have gender specific differences, but also have differences in their likes and dislikes. Secondly, it is also possible you are not well aware with the one among them, as you never interact with him/her directly. You will end up spending huge money and time if you purchase unique gifts for both of them. It is suggested to present something that comes in pair form. You can either choose anything from a key chain and pen set; pair T-shirts, coffee mugs and photo frames to a couple watch set.

What should be considered?

Generally, we encounter this situation, when we want to share our best wishes for a couple on their special day. It can be a wedding day, engagement party or new born celebrations. Consider choosing something useful yet stylish. It’s obvious you can’t gift cooking utensils and gardening kit on their day. There are a lot of practical and sophisticated items you can pick to present. Among them all couple wristwatches are on the top, what you need to do is to search thoroughly to find the best among them all to buy the most suitable timepiece at reasonable prices. Consider investing on branded items, as they not only offer best designs and functionalities, but also promises durability with warranties.

How to buy a perfect wristwatch for couple?

Several luxury brands offer a complete range of timepieces from casual, sports and luxury time telling device. Lacoste watches is one of the renowned among luxury brands offering best items for couple. If you are choosing to buy a branded time device to gift on anniversary, you will need to consider few primary things to spend your money in the best manner.

Consider budget first, as most of the brands are usually expensive as compared to ordinary.

Check out the warranty, when paying a significant amount it is must to ask about warranty certifications.

Also ask about movement, ask your dealer is the timepiece you are going to buy is automatic or manual. Generally automatic are more accurate as compared to manual.

Work with reliable dealer, when buying branded time telling device, only shop from an authorized retailer to avoid buying replica copies.

Choosing couple watches as an anniversary gift will not only enable you to inspire the receiver, but also protect you from overspending on purchasing individual gifts.

Methanol fuel: History, production & uses

For internal combustion and various engines, methanol is an alternative fuel that’s either combined with gasoline or utilized directly. It’s also used to power up racing cars in many countries however U.S prefer corn-based ethanol fuel being more economical and less toxic. Research indicated that engine performance can be optimized when ethanol, methanol and petroleum are blended. Methanol can be obtained from renewable sources, hydrocarbon or synthesis of carbon dioxide and hydrogen.

History & production

The common English name, “wood alcohol” evolved when methanol was first discovered by destructive distillation of wood known as pyrolysis. Today, it’s obtained from methane as a raw material (primary ingredient of natural gas). The Chinese developed methanol for fuel out of coal. Conversion of organic matter into synthetic gas followed by usual methanol fusion result in biomethanol!

The process has made production 75 percent more efficient and is now adapted by many countries. Following this procedure, methanol fuel cost is quite economical and environmental benefits are immense. It’s however not suitable for small-scale production. Renewable energy and carbon dioxide as a feedstock is the current method to obtain methanol fuel.

It was Reed and Lerner that anticipated production of methanol from fuel using state-of-the-art technology and gasoline alternative during the OPEC 1973 oil crisis. Swedish Motor Fuel Technology Co. assessed using alcohols and their blend as motor fuels and potential of methanol production from highly viscous oils, coal, natural gas, biomass and peat.

George A. Olah; a noble prize winner along with his colleagues’ advocated production of methanol via synthesis to be highly energy efficient! Since then, many different chemical manufacturing industries including Saudi Methanol Company entered the competition for methanol production with several procedures and advance technology.

Major uses

  • Engine combustion fuel
    Ethanol and methanol burn at lower temperature as compared to gasoline! Both processes are less impulsive allowing engine to start promptly even in cold weather. Due to high octane rating and vaporization heat, methanol fuel offer increased power output and thermal efficiency as compared to gasoline. Still, its low energy content and stoichiometric (air-to-fuel ratio) means that fuel consumption would be more than those of hydrocarbon-based.

    Also extra water presence makes the charge rather wet as in hydrogen/oxygen combustion engines. Wearing of valves and formation of acids is higher than hydrocarbon burning however additives neutralize these acids making fuel more effective. Methanol like its counterpart ethanol comprise of soluble/insoluble contaminants and halide ions having a major impact over corrosive features of alcoholic fuels.

    In automotive language, methanol is known as hydroscopic which means it has the potential to absorb water vapors directly from atmosphere. As water can dilute fuel value of methanol while separating it from gasoline blends, fuel storage tanks are sealed tightly.

  • Racing
    Methanol in its pure form was widely used in USAC Indy Car competition during 1965. It was in 1964 when seven-car crash during the second lap of Indianapolis 500 encouraged board members of USAC to use methanol as engine fuel. The entire campaign of CART circuit (1979-2007) also used methanol fuel and especially by sprint cars, midget and speedway motorcycles.

Methanol fuel is used widely in drag racing, mostly in top alcoholic category whereas 10 to 20 percent is used in top fuels besides nitro-methane. Monster Truck engines are usually powered by methanol so we can say it’s quite an important constituent in automotive industry.

Storage alternatives for your contact lens

Being new to wearing contact lens, you’re probably looking for the best storage methods. As long as they remain clean and disinfected, choosing storage means is entirely a personal decision. And besides, you may need an eccentric technique to keep lenses next day use.

Treated solution

Special solutions are available at opticians or at any drug store in which you can safely put contacts. When buying, ask for multi-purpose treated solution that also acts as a cleanser. All you need is to rub it gently on the lens with finger tips or simply soak them entirely. Instead of a separate cleanser that usually comes in small bottle, you can store contacts in saline solution that’s comparatively cheaper and versatile.

Hydrogen peroxide solution is another alternative but you should use it with a neutralising disc or tablet. In-case of tablet, it’ll bubble overnight or for a few hours after which the contacts are safe to use. While taking them out of the solutions too early, they’ll sting your eyes and damaging with prolonged exposure.


Lens storage cases are readily available in market. The inside compartment is drenched with cleansing solution in which you need to store them but do pay special attention to directional inscriptions such as “R for Right” and “L for Left”. Specialised hydrogen peroxide and neutraliser cases are also available being perfect disinfectants. Thoroughly wash the case with hot water before using it.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine

Ultrasonic lens cleaners provide an excellent solution. All you need is to place contact lenses in the small compartment, add solution and turn “ON” the machine. Ultrasonic waves create millions of micro-bubbles that eventually disinfect and clean the lens for good. The machine cleans in more or less two minutes rather than eight hours as with traditional cleaning.

On-the-go alternatives

If you’re spending the night somewhere else, storing the contacts in water isn’t the best solution as tap or bottled water contain micro-organism that eventually deteriorate vision. Make sure the water is treated; means 100 percent clean or buy a saline solution readily available at any convenience store.

Above are a few storage solutions to your eye lenses that’ll keep them safe and cleaned!