Storage alternatives for your contact lens

Being new to wearing contact lens, you’re probably looking for the best storage methods. As long as they remain clean and disinfected, choosing storage means is entirely a personal decision. And besides, you may need an eccentric technique to keep lenses next day use.

Treated solution

Special solutions are available at opticians or at any drug store in which you can safely put contacts. When buying, ask for multi-purpose treated solution that also acts as a cleanser. All you need is to rub it gently on the lens with finger tips or simply soak them entirely. Instead of a separate cleanser that usually comes in small bottle, you can store contacts in saline solution that’s comparatively cheaper and versatile.

Hydrogen peroxide solution is another alternative but you should use it with a neutralising disc or tablet. In-case of tablet, it’ll bubble overnight or for a few hours after which the contacts are safe to use. While taking them out of the solutions too early, they’ll sting your eyes and damaging with prolonged exposure.


Lens storage cases are readily available in market. The inside compartment is drenched with cleansing solution in which you need to store them but do pay special attention to directional inscriptions such as “R for Right” and “L for Left”. Specialised hydrogen peroxide and neutraliser cases are also available being perfect disinfectants. Thoroughly wash the case with hot water before using it.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine

Ultrasonic lens cleaners provide an excellent solution. All you need is to place contact lenses in the small compartment, add solution and turn “ON” the machine. Ultrasonic waves create millions of micro-bubbles that eventually disinfect and clean the lens for good. The machine cleans in more or less two minutes rather than eight hours as with traditional cleaning.

On-the-go alternatives

If you’re spending the night somewhere else, storing the contacts in water isn’t the best solution as tap or bottled water contain micro-organism that eventually deteriorate vision. Make sure the water is treated; means 100 percent clean or buy a saline solution readily available at any convenience store.

Above are a few storage solutions to your eye lenses that’ll keep them safe and cleaned!


Do you Know Everything about Wristwatches?

Wristwatch is an integral part of a man’s personality that depicts more than his looks and actions. Upon a glance, one can perceive into a person’s background to a specific extent without asking any question. That’s the reason why men are obsessed and choosy about their wristwatches. Each person is different; one may wear a wristwatch just for the sake of time telling, others prefer economical wear and there are those who can’t be seen without luxury.

Over 50 percent watch buyers cater class over other aspects and don’t prefer a brand below Rolex or Patek Philippe. Each of us understands basic concept of a watch that revolves around time, movement and battery functions so on. Digging deeper will give you more than a bird’s eye view, revealing differences between timepieces. Understanding these intricacies won’t just facilitate in buying but may even prevent overspending. Be a well informed consumer by reading further!

Is Rolex Worth Inflated Cost?

It depends on buyers and how much luxury they can afford but a few bluntly say “No”. Rolex overprice its timepieces by limiting annual supply to some of its collection, resulting in scarcity. The brand also exerts full control over authorized dealers to regulate high cost. If a dealer sells at discount, he’s likely to have the contract annulled immediately. Getting original Rolex at a discount is nearly impossible hence buy on premium price, you’ve no other choice! That’s why watch experts suggest buying a much high calibre mechanical watch of a different brand as Rolex’s over same price.

Another factor is confidence in the brand that Rolex won’t compromise on quality and craftsmanship hence premium price is expected. The high prices results in higher returns as well and you simply couldn’t underestimate “status” value of Rolex. If you crave luxury at an economical cost, Swatch watches are a perfect alternative for Rolex bearing many different colours and designs for all customers.

Difference between “Chronometer” & “Chronograph”

A watch with highest standard of accuracy is referred to as “chronometer”. This precision is achieved due to unsurpassed automatic and mechanical watches, not quartz. Such timepieces pass through rigorous testing on demand of Swiss Official Chronometer Control (SOCC). Mechanical movement is close to or entirely perfect hence displayed time is always accurate. Testing phase continues for 15 days where a watch is exposed to different temperatures, positions and dunk underwater.

Chronograph” is an entirely different aspect; it’s usually a watch with stopwatch facilities. It displays different mechanisms for time measurement sometimes referred to as counters. These counters register seconds, minutes and hours giving owner the ability to track anything he wishes.

What’s With the Serial Numbers? Are They Important?

Indication of whether a watch is genuine or fake comes from a serial number. Almost all luxury watches have a particular number allotted by authorized dealers via database accessibility, listing entire collection. When buying an expensive product like a watch for instance, ensure it’s not counterfeited.

Is Your Watch Scratch Resistant?

Cover or crystal of a watch face is designed to protect the dial. There are three types of crystals namely;

  1. Acrylic crystal is a cheap plastic that don’t prevent scratches but at-least buff them out.
  2. Mineral crystal is a glass composing several elements that’s actually scratch resistance (seven times stronger than acrylic).
  3. Sapphire is strongest of them all being shatterproof, scratch resistant, anti-glare and a primary aspect of premium watches.

These are a few out of many wristwatch facts you probably didn’t know about.

Five Great Ideas for a Brunch Bingo!

Brunch is usually a meal between breakfast and lunch having a light yet healthy menu. Whether hosting a birthday or ultimate family weekend, brunch ideas may include fresh fruits and customizable foods with sweet and savoury taste to strike a balance. However, arrangements are usually made when a large gathering is expected means it’s a bit overwhelming for host preparing multiple dishes. With just the right menu and decorations, you may have the best feast ever; details are highlighted below.

1. Omelette with Complimentary Goods

An afternoon feast without omelette is unthinkable so it should be the first item in menu. You can easily include several ingredients such as green chillies, onions, cheese, black pepper, tomato or any other seasoning to give it a remarkable taste and customizing. They’re easily prepared within 30 minutes so think of all the time you save for other dishes and chores.

Lest it’s a special occasion such as birthday, anniversary or Christmas, might hire services of a professional chef for main course. Don’t forget to include complimentary dishes like fresh fruit salads or punches, mini croissants and French toasts. You can also arrange the bash at some of the best restaurants in Dubai, leaving all the hustle to them.

2. Simply Love Pancakes & Waffles

Pancakes and waffles are for a super breakfast but they also make the best brunch menu. Improvise the batter with chocolate or caramel chips, pour melted chocolate or butter over waffles and serve hot. If you’re a fruit lover, chop down some fresh strawberries and blueberries, whip butter, honey, cinnamon and almond extract for delightful pancakes you will love to sink your teeth in.

That’s not all, what if you are expecting a bunch of individuals who adore fruits and nuts combo on a pancake or waffle! No problem, take whatever dry fruits are in season, chop some apples and pears, whip cream and drop it hot over precooked waffles. Why not be a little informal and let the guests make their own filling which you can also try for a change!

3. Go Continental!

For a large crowd like bridal or bachelorette lunch who come along to your place with their appetites, continental menu is a simple and tasty solution. Get a bag full of ready-to-cook foods or instant recipes to wow guests while you find time with party decorations. A bowl of fruit salad including melon balls, strawberries, raspberries and sugar mint dressing makes a light and healthy combination. Butter or chocolate chip croissants and muffins with juice or coffee beverage are quite indulging which people mostly found at the best cafe and bars in Dubai.

4. One-Dish Party

One-dish parties are easy plus economical for both guests and hosts while each gets a chance to taste several items. Come up with a broccoli, pumpkin or squash casserole for savoury choice. A mixture of eggs, cheese and potatoes is superb which you can spread over toasted breads or stir fry for quick croquettes. Chop some tomatoes with sausage, spread chilli sauce or salsa over buns and here you go with easy burritos. Offer fruit juices, shakes, coffee or herbal tea to complete the menu.

5. Smoke it up!

Smoked foods such as shashlik sticks, crunchy vegetables, tuna and even bacon with a charcoal aroma is sure to get your mouth water. Not only it makes the best brunch but also go with a romantic dinner in Dubai!

These are a few out of many brunch goods to make it a terrific fest. Chow down!

The Perfect Day in The Dubai


Dubai, the city which is regarded as the heart of the United Arab Emirates is the perfect place to spend your vacations. When the word Dubai is heard, the first few things that come to mind are sky scrapers, malls and Souqs. But Dubai is not all about that, Hidden among all the glamour and hustle bustle is the true picture of Dubai, the one with deserts and traditional customs that make Dubai more than shopping malls. This side is experienced by only those who try to look a little deeper beyond the glitz and glamour.

Wake up early in the morning

The key to making this day long and unforgettable is to get up before the sun and make as much of the day as possible, as a wise man once said, “Lose an hour in the morning, and you will be all day hunting for it.” What better way to start the day than to than to take a hot air balloon flight over the majestic deserts of the Emirates in the all the beauty and tranquility of the early morning sunrise. After having a peaceful romantic dinner in Dubai, it is time to see what the magnificent Dubai Mall has in store for you. Morning is the best time to go shopping in the beautiful malls of Dubai and kick start what is going to be one of the most amazing days of your life.


Try to stay indoors for the afternoon

The United Arab Emirates is known for its sizzling hot temperature especially in the afternoon. So it is probably best for you to stay out of the sun if you can on a mid summers day. But no need to worry, staying indoors will not ruin your day of activity. See that is the beauty of Dubai, you get to experience indoor and outdoor pleasure. Ski Dubai in the Mall of the Emirates is the perfect way to tackle the heat as it is an artificial snow world where the temperature is less than zero. See, you will have to wear cardigans, when the temperature is near 50 degrees outside. Cap your afternoon with the perfect lunch in the La Serre Bistro & Boulangerie Dubai which is open from sunrise to late evening.


The perfect ending to your day of remembrance

After witnessing the dazzling sunset at the Dubai creek, it is now time to head towards the Spice Souq where the air carries the fresh aroma of spices from around the world. After enjoying the fresh spices, it is time to make your way through to the Gold Souq. Over here you will find not only gold, but a dazzling collection of diamonds, rubies, and precious gems thus making it a favorite visiting spot especially for women. Everybody knows that the best way to end the night is by having the perfect dinner and where to have that dinner other than the Kan Zaman, which is an atmospheric creek side restaurant and bars in Dubai. Having Arabic mezze and grills followed by the traditional apple sheesha is no doubt the perfect ending to your day of remembrance.


Dubai is a beautiful city with a lot of potential to make everyday a memorable one. With so much to do and so much to see, it is not a surprise to see the number of tourists it receives every year.

The High Steaks! What You’re Doing Wrong When Grilling Them?


Resisting a tender, juicy looking beef steak with grilled aroma, topped with spices and sliced lemon is nearly impossible. Grilling a steak yourself may seem simple however people often overlook many vital facts which ruin the taste and enthusiasm to cook better. If you’ve been eating steaks from a finest restaurant so far costing hundreds of bucks and struggling to prepare them at home, here are a few noteworthy tips. Simply read, comply and see what you’ve been doing wrong when grilling.

Slender Pieces Aren’t Good!

Thin steak pieces that are approximately one inch thick aren’t suitable to cook on high heat or outdoor grilling equipment. This is because they’ll dry and burn pretty quick rather than achieving sear marks. Buy pieces that are at-least 1 ½ to 2 inch thick for maximum result! Lest you’re left with no other choice but a slim steak, grill them straight from the refrigerator on slow heat to cook well.

Smoldered Spice is a bad Choice!

Burned spices do taste good with particular recipes however not with steaks especially if you’re planning to put them on menu for best lunch in Dubai. High temperature would probably char all tasty spices including ground black pepper which is known as a taste catalyst. What you can do is pre-cook several spices separately and sprinkle when steak is ready to be served. Doing so would give the meat a wonderful tang, you’ll definitely find it enticing. No time to cook discretely, simply pour some over the steak and apply a layer of butter to prevent burning.


Skipping Salt? That’s Silly!

A common myth; salting a steak would dry the meat even before grilling which isn’t true at all. It would probably take days and several cups of salt for such a reaction so never skip the process. When salt interacts with proteins and sugars found in meat, combine result enhance flavor while tenderize the entire process. Apply fine quality salt with large crystals such as kosher or pure sea extracts; marinate both sides of the meat almost 24 hours prior grilling. Café and bars serving steaks follow similar procedure!

Grilling Damp Meat is Unwise!

Placing wet meat directly over hot grates would make a steamed steak and you won’t even get that appealing golden-brown hue! Moisture over damp meat will start cooking it instantly so you won’t get that true steak look. When taking it out of packet from refrigerator, wipe with a clean towel or leave it on room temperature for a few minutes before cooking.

Don’t Use Excess Oil

Coating grates with oil before cooking and pouring extra over the steak would make it highly greasy which is poison for your health. If the grill heat is 450 degree Fahrenheit, oil would evaporate releasing condense smoke cloud. Simply brush it lightly on the salted surface and place evenly over the equipment. Turn over when it starts getting golden-brown.


Untidy Grill: The Biggest Setback

Either you’re out for a lunch or dinner in any of  the best restaurants in Dubai or simply planning to cook big chunk of steak at home, ensure cooking grill is clean. Leftover food debris, juices, spices and oil can seriously spill the entire flavor. Rinse the grill with soap and vinegar mixture for spotless cleaning.


Above are some common mistakes everyone does involuntary while grilling a steak. Read carefully and avoid them to give your taste buds a burst of spicy grilled meat.

Translation vs Interpretation

Translation vs InterpretationInterpretations and Translations walk hand in hand for their interrelated linguistic disciplines. But these two similar jobs are rarely done by the same person. The differences in skill sets, aptitude, language efficiency and training are so significant that these two similar looking jobs are never assigned to the same person to ensure unhindered efficiency and successful turn up. In fact, the nature of job is different, while an interpreter is interpreting the dialogues; a translator has to note it down too. If you consider it on the surface, the job shows that it is all about the mediums used to perform both these jobs, but when you come at the skill set and efficiency, interpreters have to be far quicker, vigilant, have sharp memory and powerful correspondence skills.


A translator has to write down the conversation, lecture, and debate or anything said or shown in from source language to the target language; however, an interpreter has to speak orally and deliver the conversation in the target language, while preserving the real idea said in the original debate or content. Say, for instance a translator could be asked to translate English Language to Arabic Language and vice versa but his edge would remain between these two languages only.

The Skill Sets of Technical Translators

For both, the differences in skills are arguably bigger than their similarities. The main objective of a translator is to understand and narrate the source language and its respective culture to reach its origin and the unannounced facts over it. Using a good virtual or manual dictionary and references are good to do the needful and to render the right information and the right message into the target language. Thus, linguistic and cultural skill sets are critical while writing in the target language. However, an efficient translator is able to right fluently in the desired language while preserving the real idea-that’s it.

TranslationEven bilingual translators offer their services in any one language to focus largely at one given subject in one language. Bilingual translators are preferred for having an added skill but they are not asked to provide services in both language. When it comes to technical translators, a translator would only be asked to translate into his native language. A translator might be asked to do Arabic language to English language translations in Dubai or vice versa.

The Skill Sets of Professional Interpreters

Interpreting very similar to translating is an art of paraphrasing. Interpreter listens to what is said, renders into the target language and delivers it to the audience as precisely as he could without losing the main idea. Without having mastery at listening, interpreting and narrating skills, you can never be a good interpreter. It is seen, when an interpreter is hired, his efficiency is assessed as equal to his experience. If an efficient interpreter is inexperienced, he would probably have less selection chances.

Team Building DubaiUnlike translators, an interpreter is preferred if he could interpret in two or more languages at a time, without any guide or referencing tools. One of the reasons for this is, interpretation is done orally with extra ordinary listening skills for simultaneous interpretations. Interpreters must have extraordinary listening abilities, especially for simultaneous interpreting. Interpreter must have strong vocational skills, public speaking confidence and gestures to stand strong and intellectual capacity. He must have an edge to integrate cultural references into analogous statements to convey message at large.

Perk and Benefits for both:

Whether an interpreter or a translator, perk and benefits stands equally for both. Apart from usual monthly encashment, a translator or an interpreter when accompanies foreign delegations, for example to UAE or Gulf regions, they avail best breakfast, lunch and dinners in Dubai along with stays in international hotels and resorts. They get TADAs and other fringe benefits for their 24/7 availability. Travelling, foreign exposure, social hangouts etc. help translators and interpreters to learn more about cultural diversity.

Translation vs InterpretationSummary:

Read this article to understand some of the thin linings between an interpreter and a translator.